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Although I have to point out that there was a piece of speculative science fiction called The Blazing World published by one Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1666, slightly predating Mary Shelley.

This is the thing. Women have been doing awesome shit since there was awesome shit to do, we’ve BEEN THERE, if anyone bothered to look.

Oh, they looked. And then maliciously and willfully erased us from the books to keep anyone else from “getting ideas.”

Hell, the first named author in history? Enheduanna, a Sumerian high priestess, poet and lyricist. She’s known as the Shakespeare of Sumerian literature.

manicpixiedreamalien asked: Derek losing his powers is terrible but consider this: can he now, for the first time in his life, get drunk? And what would that look like?


Derek getting shitfaced drunk for the first time in his life

Derek getting like 17 year old at his first house party drunk

Derek getting puke in the bushes and the potted plants drunk

Derek getting i’m gonna tell you all my dirty most terribly depraved fantasies and secrets drunk

A conversation with Nathan Fillion - Nerd HQ 2014 | July 26 (x)

Q: If you were in Hogwarts, what house would you be in?

"I love [that] the fans use the show as a canvas onto which they paint the stories that mean the most to them”
— Misha Collins at the TVG Fan Favourites panel [x] (via plushstiel)


I’ll probably just wear T-shirts forever.

"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?”
Daniel Radcliffe (via hankgreensmoustache)